Glossary of Terms


What is the Accelerated Payment Program?

The Accelerated Payment Program delivers suppliers with faster invoice payments from their customers.  Invoices can be paid upon approval in exchange for a discount, which is deducted from the gross amount of the invoice. Receiving faster payments may considerably improve cash flow and reduce days sales outstanding.


Do I need to change the way I invoice?

No, you still continue to send your invoices in the same manner you do today.


How do I get my company set up for EFT (electronic funds transfer) or change my banking information?

Please contact TPS Customer Service via email at

Please provide your company’s legal name as well as your vendor / Supplier Number.


How is the discount calculated?

The discount is calculated by determining the number of days between when the payment is initiated and the ordinary payment date assigned by your customer. The system then applies a discount in accordance with the agreed upon terms.


Is my discount fixed?

A discount rate will be applied to the invoice’s gross amount for each day payment is accelerated. Your discount will increase if payment is made earlier and decrease if payment is made later.


After I submit my enrollment request, what should I expect?

1-2 business days after submitting your enrollment request, you will receive documents to review and sign. Along with these documents there will be instructions on how to return the forms to us.


How will this program benefit my business?

The program offers your business the ability to increase cash flow, improve financial metrics, access to attractive cost of funding, and frees up your lines for other borrowing needs.


If a discount date is missed, can I still get paid early?

In most cases we can offer an Immediate Pay Option that allows your approved invoice to be paid at a discount prior to your customer’s ordinary payment date. Please contact


What is Immediate Pay and how does it work?

Immediate Pay is a feature that allows you to receive early payment on invoices approved after the scheduled discount day instead of waiting for payment on the ordinary payment date. If you would like to request payment, contact GE Capital @


Who do I contact with questions regarding product prices or quantities?

Please direct questions regarding product price or quantity to your customer or the plant/facility in which materials or services were delivered. Your purchase order should also identify the customer’s plant or location at which your goods or services were received.


Do I contact my client or the Accelerated Payment Program regarding invoice inquiry requests?

Please contact your buyer or the appropriate business’s AP center to address any unapproved invoice questions/inquiries. Refer to your purchase order to determine.


Understanding when payments will be made is important to my business. Is there a way to forecast when my invoices would be paid under this program?

If you are on a daily payment schedule, you could potentially receive invoices daily. If you are on a single payment or tiered payment schedule, you can call Customer Service at 1-800-782-4082 or email to get an invoice payment forecast.


How do I know that funds have been deposited to my bank?

Detailed remittance advice will be sent to you in the format that you are receiving it today.


If my invoice does not make the acceleration date, when am I paid and is a discount still taken?

Unless you select the Immediate Pay Option described above, the invoice will automatically be paid by GE Capital on behalf of your customer on the designated ordinary payment day, with no discount taken.


Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Please call Trade Payables Services (800)782-4082.


On the Search screen, the listing of client and supplier numbers for my search, is not aligned with the column headings; why?

Please upgrade your browser to the most current version.


How can I print the Forecast Summary Report without the sidebar?

Click your right mouse button over the report display and select "Print." From the "Print" window, select "Properties" and ensure "Orientation" is set to "Landscape."


Who do I contact if I forget or need to change my password and user ID?

You can reset your password and user ID by contacting the Program Administrator in your company. If you do not know who your internal Program Administrator is you can contact GE Capital TPS Customer Service at (800) 782-4082.


How can I download invoice data from the Accelerated Payment Program website?

Select the download button on the Invoice Inquiry page of this website. The data will be stored in CSV format in the file folder you specify. Files in CSV format can be opened in most spreadsheet applications.


How can I provide additional members of my organization access to the Accelerated Payment Program website?

You can add users to by contacting your Program Administrator or by contacting TPS Customer Service at (800) 782-4082 or email


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