Security - General Recommendations

Here are some recommendations on what you can do to keep your information secure:


1. Protect your business

Small businesses in particular have been increasingly targeted by criminals seeking sensitive information regarding both a business and its customers. Criminals may use this information to harm you, your business, or your customers.

a. You should periodically monitor your financial accounts for unusual activity. You may wish to sign up to receive notices about fund transfers from your financial accounts if that feature is available.

b. Conduct a risk assessment and make a plan. Our Additional Resources section has links to a number of sites you can access for guidance on what steps to take next. For example, the federal government’s has a section dedicated entirely to small businesses, including links to other helpful resources.


2. Share information carefully

Do not respond to suspicious requests for personal or sensitive information over the phone or by email. You also should not share your personal information on social networking sites. Criminals look for Social Security number, date of birth, phone number, address or birth location to attempt to steal people’s identities. Any request for this type of information or other sensitive information should be investigated to ensure that it is a legitimate request—if you receive a request that appears to be from us, call Customer Service instead of replying.


3. Use anti-virus and anti-malware software

Always make sure that you are running the latest version of the software. For details, please consult your anti-virus vendor.


4. Don't respond to suspicious emails (Phishing)

Criminals send out fake emails in the hopes that they will reach real customers. These emails attempt to trick recipients into providing personal information. Keep in mind that we will never ask you for personal information in an email.


5. Avoid downloading files if they are not expected or sent to you from an unknown source.

Sometimes malicious software is hidden in email attachments. Never download a file from an unknown source, or if that source is suspicious for any reason.


6. Keep software on your computer updated.

To make sure you have the latest protection available, install updates offered by your operating system, software providers and web browsers or ensure that your business does the same.