How We Protect Your Information

How We Protect Your Information

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We have established a number of safeguards designed to protect the security of your information. Here are just a few examples:


1. Encryption:

We encrypt all information between your computer and our site with secured browser connections.


2. Security Firewalls:

The computer servers that run our site are protected by firewalls. Firewalls are security devices that protect the network traffic and connections between your computer and our servers.


3. Automatic Session Timeouts:

If you are logged into our secure sites and are idle for a period of time, your session will time out. This means that your session will end and you will be required to log in again.


4. Secure Registration:

When you register for this site, your registration information provided online will be validated against the information you have previously provided Customer Service or your account representative.


5. Email confirmation of password recovery and one-time password:

If you forgot your password and need to recover it, you must go through a secure process to recover access. You’ll be presented with security questions and will be required to provide some personal information before an email with a one-time password will be sent to your email address of record.


6. Personal security image and passphrase:

When you register, you'll be asked to select a security image and passphrase. Each time you return to the site, you'll be presented with the same image and passphrase. That way you’ll know you are accessing the authentic site.


7. Emails you receive from us:

To protect your personal information, account numbers are masked in email notifications.


8. Additional authentication:

When you attempt to change your profile information you may be asked to provide your authentication information, this is to help ensure only you can change sensitive information.