Security - Log in Recommendations

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Your actions influence the overall security of your sensitive information. Here are some important steps you can take to help protect your information:


1. Create a strong password

It should have a minimum of eight characters, use numbers, letters (both upper and lower case) and punctuation. Avoid using information that someone could easily guess, like common names or words and personal information (e.g., your child’s name). It is additionally recommended that you periodically change your password.


2. If you have more than one online account, create a unique password for each one

Do not use the same password at different financial sites.


3. Do not store your passwords near your computer

Memorize or keep them in a secure place that is not accessible to others.


4. Avoid using a public or shared computer to access financial sites

If you must use a public computer to access a secure site, make sure to clear the Internet browsing history, cache, and any cookies stored (but keep in mind that you may not be able to delete all cookies, even if you attempt to do so).


5. Clear the cache of your browser

Browsers usually cache (locally store) images of downloaded pages to speed up your computer’s performance. After you visit a secure site, you should always clear your cache to make sure that no one else can view confidential information you’ve downloaded. You should refer to your particular browser’s instructions for doing so. This is particularly important on shared or public computers.


6. Log out when you are done

Make sure you log out to ensure that your session has been closed.


7. Close all browser windows when you are done

You should also consider closing all of your browser’s windows as an additional way of helping to prevent others from using your access.


8. If you use a wireless network, make sure it is secured

If you use an unsecured wireless network, fraudsters may be able to monitor your activity. Never connect to unrecognized networks.